You will have an optional to sail a Traditional Cruise or an Impact Cruise.

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Dominican RepublicAlmost from the moment you step on board your ship in Miami, you’ll realize that a Fathom™ voyage is anything but travel as usual. Yes, of course you’ll have leisure moments, creature comforts and time for recreation. But, during your time at sea, you’ll also be focused on building a community with your fellow travelers, as you participate in on-board activities designed specifically to prepare you for your on-ground impact experience.

Once your ship docks in Amber Cove, you’ll put all that preparation to good use. During your time on the ground, you’ll work alongside local community members on carefully chosen projects focused on improving educational, environmental, and economic conditions in the Dominican Republic.

Or, you might simply decide to sail as a Traditional Crusie and do what you want, go where you want, and do what you want.  Withing reason of course!

nt, and do what you want.  Withing reason of course!


JULY 2, 2017 – JULY 9, 2017


This trip spends 3 days at sea and 3 days overnight in the Dominican Republic.

Let’s talk about IMPACT CRUSING FIRST!

Your ship sails from Miami on Sunday afternoon and will serve as a comfortable home base throughout your journey. You’ll spend Monday at sea before arriving in the Dominican Republic around midday on Tuesday. For the next three days, you’ll work alongside local people on projects that serve local community needs. On Friday afternoon, you’ll begin your return voyage to Miami.

As you travel from Miami to the Dominican Republic, on-board orientation and training will prepare you for the varied activities waiting for you onshore. During your outbound voyage, you’ll also feast on Dominican-inspired cuisine, get to know your fellow travelers, and have plenty of free time for relaxing and recharging.

On the island, a variety of impact activities will allow you to harness your own particular skills and passions to make the most meaningful contribution during your time onshore. And, although this calendar and sample days are typical of your week’s itinerary, you’ll soon discover that there’s nothing typical about this experience at all.

If you sign up for IMPACT CRUISE, Your schedule would look something like this example below:

Monday – Sample At Sea Day 6–9 am

At leisure on board and breakfast
Pick from any or none at all. Yoga, Morning Meditation, workout in the gym, or enjoy coffee poolside. Enjoy a delicious full breakfast experience or lighter complement of fresh fruit, granola and healthy juices.

9–11 am

Attend design workshop “How to create and tell amazing stories”
Impact Travel experiences create lasting personal memories and inspire them to follow in suit. Learn techniques from design thinking and storytelling experts to effectively capture your story along the journey.

12–1 pm

Lunch on the Conservatory’s outdoor deck
Enjoy a balanced menu that focuses on nourishing, sustainable, and when possible, locally sourced foods. Ideal to recharge and feel great all day long.

1–2 pm

Enjoy the rejuvenating spa services
Make the time to take care of your mind and body with an invigorating massage

2–3 pm

Participate in a required “On-Ground Training” session
Interacting with Children: Engaging students and teaching English in schools. “Impact Participants Only”

3–6 pm

Immerse into Fathom Interactive Festival
Fathom Interactive Festival is an inspirational launch pad for creative cause area entrepreneurship, arts and culture. This interactive festival allows one to engage in panel discussions, interactive workshops, and design thinking showcases with leading social impact partners and entrepreneurs.

7–8:30 pm

Head to Ocean Grill for a Dominican inspired dinner
Cuisine as a window into the culture of the Dominican Republic. Ocean Grill features Dominican recipes prepared by Dominican chefs for a truly memorable regional food, beverage, and service experience.

8:30–9:30 pm

Attend Keynote Event
Learn more about Fathom vision, cumulative impact from previous trips, and enjoy Dominican music and entertainment on deck.

Above is just a sample of IMPACT CRUISING.  If you sign up for this option, you can do as little and as much as you want.

As your ship makes its way to Amber Cove, you’ll prepare for your on-ground experience with a variety of on-board activities that include orientation to the Dominican Republic, impact education, and impact activity training. And you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your fellow travelers as you share your collective visions for your journey.

Within obvious limits, your on-ground experience can be almost anything you want it to be. Maybe you’ll choose to help a community gain access to clean water. Or to work alongside local women to start or maintain a cottage industry. Or to make a contribution to local reforestation efforts. What you choose to do will depend, in large part, on your passions, your interests, and your skills. And on what, inside your soul, is the cause that matters most to you.

NOW, Less talking about TRADITIONAL CRUSING!
Basically, you follow your own schedule.  You meet who you want to meet, you go where you want to go, and you do on board activities that you select.  This would be just another exciting cruise to you.

Secure Your Spot

When you place a deposit, you will secure your spot that includes the items above. All of those included items come with the total trip price you will see when you place your deposit. The deposit is fully refundable up to 60 days before departure date.


Just about everything, actually. Including the opportunity to make a difference. And there’s no way to put a price on that

Impact Activities on the Ground

  • The true value of your Fathom™ voyage will be the opportunity to work alongside the people of the Dominican Republic, helping to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable economic, environmental and educational initiatives in the local communities. Most impact activities are included in the base price of your trip; a few will require an additional fee, primarily to cover the cost of supplies.


  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the ship are included, as well as snacks and water during your on-ground impact activities. If you’re feeling adventurous, additional curated dining experiences will be available on the ship at an extra cost.

Ground Transportation

  • Fathom will provide ground transportation for all your impact activities in the Dominican Republic. Transportation for your chosen leisure activities will be at your own expense.

On-Board Events

Your time on board will be an adventure, too. A unique experience tailored to prepare you for making the maximum impact during your time on the ground. Your fare includes access to most content, programming and other on-board events. A limited number of on-board events will have an additional fee.

Your Home On Board

The base price of your trip includes a comfortable stateroom for a good night’s sleep. All base price rooms accommodate 2 people; a limited number of these rooms can accommodate 3 or 4 people.

Inside-No Window
$1,297.00 Double / $1,717.00 Single
Payment Schedule
$150.00 10/19/2016
$250.00 01/19/2017
$250.00 03/19/2017
$50.00 04/19/2017
Final Balance 05/19/2017
Outside-Window View
$ 1,657.00 Double / $2,287.00 Single
Payment Schedule
$150.00 10/19/2016
$250.00 01/19/2017
$250.00 03/19/2017
$50.00 04/19/2017
Final Balance 05/19/2017
Balcony (Recommended)
$2,057.00 Double / $2,887.00 Single
Payment Schedule
$150.00 10/19/2016
$250.00 01/19/2017
$250.00 03/19/2017
$50.00 04/19/2017
Final Balance 05/19/2017